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I have had an outstanding stint with Anuj Saini as my Self Defence trainer. Anuj is a skilled and compassionate trainer but pushes you to reach new levels of endurance, skill and strength, essential in picking up advanced techniques in Self Defence. There are several other advantages in being trained by Anuj. Self Defence is not only about offensive and defensive techniques to handle a crisis. Courses run by Anuj ensure that a trainee reaches a level of physical and mental conditioning that is a huge benefit in day to day life. I felt mentally refreshed at the end of each session, more focussed at work and physically stronger even at the end of a full day at work.

(I.P.S 2009 Batch National Police Academy)
Considering the ever increasing crime rate in India, Self Defence Training has become extremely important esp. for women/girls. So it’s mandatory to arm ourselves & our family with fighting skills via means of Martial Arts Training, against the violent assailant, against hideous crime attempts like rape, molestation, murder & other life threatening situations. Blaming other's namely Police, system, politicians, relatives, friends etc wont help, because when you are being attacked there may be no one around to save you, you may be on your own, most of the time the criminal attacks when you are most vulnerable/any easy target (when you are alone). Its your life, your choice, you decide, take responsibility, take charge, take control......DON'T REGRET LATER.

  • A professional Martial Artist from India (Delhi) With overall Martial Arts Experience Of 18 Years
  • Teaching in Army Units, Police Units, & civilians from around 10 years now.
  • Trained & certified in Combat & Self-Defence Training
  • Has undergone training in different Martial Art forms (such as Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, JKD, Boxing, Kickboxing), through various reputed organizations.
  • Has trained some of the top Govt. bodies/officials in INDIA namely
  • Delhi Police
  • I.P.S (Full 2008 & 2009 Batch)
  • I.R.S (Full 2008 Batch)
  • I.A.S
  • N.S.G (National Security Guard) Commandos
  • Indian Army Units (5th J & K Rifles, Gorkha Regiment)
  • MARCOS (Indian Marine Commandos)
  • North Eastern Police Academy
  • Tamil Nadu Police Academy
  • National Police Academy
  • S.T.F (Special task Force)
  • many more....
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